Jobs in Tainan City

Jobs in Tainan city | Job Opportunities in Tainan city

Tainan city is a fourth major town of southern Taiwan after Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung. It is bordered by Tainan County and Taiwan Strait called by “City of the Phoenix” during ancient age. In 1660 Tainan got the status of capital city of the Tungning Kingdom. Historically it is considered as the oldest cities in Taiwan containing number of ancient buildings, shrines, tombs and temples. Tainan city is very popular among tourists due to ample variety of local snack food and night markets. Early Chinese people laid a foundation of the Tainan city with initial business of fishing and shipbuilding. Coastal highway and busy seaport of the city are major trade centers of the town carrying numerous business opportunities for small investors. Shipping industry is a biggest asset of the town.

Government of the Taiwan has special plans for the development of its tourism industry to entice majority of the foreigner travelers to earn huge revenue. There are numerous tourist attractions in Tainan city especially for adults including babe 18 clubs, Roxy 99 club, cafe fresh, Toasteria cafe, Bagle Bagle, Joyce cafe, a-plus and brown sugar. Adults of the town are fun lovers and visit such places during weekends and on holidays due to all available items of their choice in reasonable price.

Tainan city spend huge budget in the expansions of its shipbuilding industry that create numerous job opportunities for skilled graduates of different fields i.e. information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance, administrative sciences and managerial cadres with lucrative fringe benefits and excellent career growth. Easy living standard, affordable education and plentiful job opportunities in the town entice majority of the neighboring states to relocate in Tainan city.

Jobs in Tainan city

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Tainan City

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Tainan City

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Tainan City

Management & Administration Jobs in Tainan City


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