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Jobs in Syria | Job opportunities in Syria

Syria is bounded by the Mediterranean and Lebanon on the western side, by Israel and Jordan on the southern side, by Iraq on the eastern and by Turkey on the northern side. Syria capital is Damascus.

Syria’s weather is largely affected by the desert, with hot, sunny summers and cold winters. Winters are modest all along the coastline, but wet, and humidity is higher in summer. Snowfall is frequent in winter on the mountains. Summer temperatures can reach in excess of 95°F during the day, but evenings are generally cool. Spring and autumn are the best times to travel with milder temperatures, averaging 72°F during the day.

The government hopes to draw new investment in the tourism, natural gas, and service sectors to enlarge its financial system and decrease its reliance on oil and agriculture. The government has begun to institute financial reforms aimed at liberalizing most markets, but reform thus far has been slow and ad hoc. Main partners are Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Iran, Poland and Czech Republic. Major industries are petroleum, food processing, tobacco, phosphate rock mining, cement, crushing.

Al-Hasakah is the capital city to be found in the far north-east corner of Syria. Aleppo is a city in northern Syria. Daraa is sited in the south on Syria’s boundary with Jordan. Deir ez Zor is a city in northeastern Syria on the Euphrates River. The city and its countryside surrounding is a productive and prosperous farming region, with livestock-breeding, cereals and cotton crops. Hama is an important agricultural and industrial center in Syria. The Idlib area is very historically important, containing many “dead cities” and man-made hills called tells. Latakia came under Ottoman control after 1516, and was part of Ottoman Syria. Quneitra was the Syrian headquarters for the Golan Heights. Rif Dimashq is one of the 14 governorates of Syria. Arabic is the official language of the Syrian Arab Republic and the language spoken by nearly all Syrians. French is the second-most-common language. However, it has started to be rivaled by English. The mass religion in Syria is Islam: 85 percent of the populace is Muslim. Other groups include, Druze, Jews, Baha’is, and others. Syrians enjoy soccer. They also play the game in friendly street competitions. There are soccer and basketball teams, and camel racing is a popular spectator sport.

Jobs in Syria

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