Jobs in Sur, Oman

Jobs in Sur, Oman | Job opportunities in Sur, Oman

Sur is a resources municipality of Ash Sharqiyah district of Oman and geographically it is located on the 152 km of the Muscat. Previously in history it was called and famous as the important place for sailors and most of water based activates and allied ventures with the seawaters are ideal source of income collection from different programs and activities of Sur. The Sur College of Applied Sciences is a main study center of the community where around 4400 students are studying at the moment and completing their degrees & diplomas in Business, Communication, Information Technology, software engineering, medical sciences and art Design. There are many international and national banking chains of the city offering great financial services, leasing activities and businesses purposes of the Sur. As the sea level is very close to the city therefore it is observed always humid and moisture in the overall weather climate in Sur.

Shipbuilding is a major income generation business of the nation in Sur. There are many shipbuilding companies and agencies that are making mega ships and different electronic boats making the shipbuilding industry a new look and turning point by installing most of the electric and required essentials to make the look, style and speed extraordinary to meet the tidal challenges and force in the water level of Sur. Climate of the city is good and contains sunshine and sunny afternoons.

There are many small and major shopping malls, theaters, study center, historic sites, public parks, night clubs and casinos making the evening and fun time life style of the general public pretty good in nominal service charges and majority of the first time visitors of Sur love to roam around the most historic sites, museums, hotels and resorts of the Sur.

Jobs in Sur, Oman

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Sur, Oman

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Sur, Oman

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Sur, Oman

Management & Administration Jobs in Sur, Oman

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