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Sousse is a city of Tunisia, situated 140 km south of the capital Tunis having more than 540,047 inhabitants. Sousse-Tunisia is in the central-east of the country on the Gulf of Hammamet, a part of the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Sousse is the capital of Sousse Governorate whose economy is generally based on transport equipment, processed food, olive oil, textiles and tourism. Due to flexible educational infrastructure, Sousse is called to be the home of universities. After the plunge of Rome, Byzantines took over the town and ruled for many next years before the independence of the city. After the 7th century A.D, Sousse-Tunisia was conquered by Arabian Muslims who introduced the preaching of Islam in the region and left remarkable glimpse on the social culture.

Due to the plentiful resources, textile and oil industry has contributed a lot to stabilize the economic growth and that is the reason that Sousse-Tunisia is considered to be a well organized & economically stable city of the town. National industrial production is consumed domestically whereas leftover is exported to the foreign markets. Oil processing sector of the city is a big source of engaging mining engineers and information technology personnel in employment.

Monarchy of Sousse has developed many historical buildings and amusement parks for the recreation of the inhabitants. Sousse is home of numerous resorts and fine sandy beaches backed by orchards and olive thicket. General statistics of the city shows that around 1,200,000 visitors comes annually in the city to benefit from fine hotels and restaurants, trendy nightclubs, casinos, beaches, sports facilities, museums and the Medina (the old city).

Jobs in Sousse

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