Jobs in Sokoto

Jobs in Sokoto | Job opportunities in Sokoto

Sokoto is a municipality situated in the tremendous west of Nigeria beside the flowing Rivers of Sokoto River & the Rima River. It is mainly occupied by a mixed population of different religion affiliations whilst majority of the public at Sokoto is recorded as Muslims and overall estimated population size of the city is almost 472,760 people in the society. Islamic center in Nigeria carries great repute and attraction for religious study students in the community. More than 80 % population of the city is linked with the major businesses of agriculture and allied activities and bi products of agricultural sector in Sokoto plays an important role in terms of better annual income, per capita income and GDP of the Sokoto. Some of the major agricultural products and crops include guinea corn, maize, rice, potatoes, cassava, groundnuts and beans with the addition of wheat, cotton and vegetable.

Healthcare units and allied hospitals at Sokoto are pretty good and mainly administrated by the state authorities. Government of Nigeria has developed an attractive and ideal medication system in the society to provide tie medication and emergency services to the patients and suffering community at Sokoto. Due to better irrigation systems and excessive water supply in the demanding and requiring areas of Sokoto, most of the villagers produce expensive and high in demand crops for better annual earnings.

In terms of better traveling modes available at Sokoto many daily travelers and visitors took advantage of its transportation modes making the distance short in lesser time pans. There are numerous shopping malls, theaters and night clubs ranked as highly preferred and crowded spots of Sokoto. Boys and girls love to spend their quality of free time in visiting spots and tourist destinations that eventually add up in the national income and GDP of Sokoto.

Jobs in Sokoto

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