Jobs in Sokode

Jobs in Sokode | Job Opportunities in Sokode

Sokode is the biggest Islamic state in the Togo surrounded by two main rivers called Mo and Mono around 300 kilometers of Lome city. As per national census conducted in 2006, Sokode carries more than 213,000 inhabitants in its possession. There are many religions in the city but Islam is main dominant religion in the area. The city consists upon earliest villages that have developed into modern towns. Sokode has a unique governing system and the head of the area is known as chief who is supposed to look after the neighboring sectors. Overall weather climate is tropical but during spring, rainfalls are also observed. Economy of Sokode is conquered by transport, trade, handicrafts and flat carpets with the minor addition of agricultural products comprising upon soybean sunflower, corn, wheat, cotton and potatoes. Herd of cow are nourished by the farmers in high scale.

Traditional dances and folk festivals are admired in Togo and Sokode have many art theaters and dance academies in this regard. Dance competitions are arranged with excellent winner prizes. Industrial sector of the city is a bunch of manufacturing, processing and construction technologies. Government involvement in the industrial reformation can be noticed by its huge investment in new expansions.

Sokode is famous in Togo due to plenty of ancient mosques and Islamic research centers established during 1346. Education sector is on growing stage and new institutes and colleges are offering several courses with relaxed & distant learning programs with affordable fee plan. Recent investments in Sokode have opened new job opportunities for several professional fields with good pay out options i.e. information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, human resource and administrative sciences. Relocating individuals are recommended for a better future oriented job opportunities in Togo.

Jobs in Sokode

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Sokode

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Sokode

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Sokode

Management & Administration Jobs in Sokode


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