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Sfax is a city in Tunisia which is situated 270 km besides southeast of Tunis. The city of Sfax-Tunisia was established in 849 AD. As per national census conducted in 2005, it was declared that total population of Sfax is 340,000 inhabitants. Sfax is a main industrial sector of Phosphate processing. After Tunis, Sfax is considered as second largest metropolitan of Tunisia but recently rapid increase in population growth of other cities has changed its ranking from 02nd to 05th largest city of the state. Government has invested huge budget on the development of the tourism points in the city. In the late 19th century Sfax was ruled by French empire. After ending of the World War II, Tunisia was returned back to France that attained its independence in 1956.

Transportation system of Sfax-Tunisia is consisted upon railway system, well equipped road transportation infrastructure and air routes that connect the neighboring as well as far distant nations to the town. Government of Sfax-Tunisia has great interest in the development of Education system, therefore, there are many schools, colleges and universities offering variety of educational and research programs for graduate and post graduate students.

Manufacturing industries of the Sfax city and tourism spots are main source of revenue generation and contribute in the growth of economic stability. Foreign remittance is also a big source of economic stabilization that entice foreigners to relocate in Sfax for sack of higher job opportunities in the field of information technology, accountancy, sales and marketing and administrative posts offered with lucrative pay perks and fringe benefits. Sfax has rich culture of socialism & civilized society in the world ranking it on good stage.

Jobs in Sfax

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