Jobs in San Lorenzo

Jobs in San Lorenzo | Job Opportunities in San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a city situated in the Central Paraguay just 11 kilometers away from Asuncion. It is the third major & thick populated city of Paraguay considered as a main commercial center of the country. The National University of Asuncion is a key academic institute producing a talented generation annually. San Lorenzo is also a seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Lorenzo. As per national population census conducted during 2007, its estimated population is 2.8 million inhabitants whereas half of the total population is busy in manufacturing concerns in San Lorenzo. Most of the well equipped & furnished institutes in San Lorenzo provide quality of education on affordable price and on door step of the candidates by means of distance learning modules. No other place in Paraguay is as populated as San Lorenzo is in this age.

San Lorenzo experiences sub tropical climate in its surrounding and people of San Lorenzo adopt artificial soothing techniques during summer seasons. Annual rainfall is flanked by 1260 millimeters to 1760 millimeters. Economy of San Lorenzo is mainly reliant of its industrial growth, agricultural crops and tourism. Manufacturing concerns of steel, metal and textile are major earning sectors of the city and engages major strength of the town in excellent employment opportunities in San Lorenzo.

Apart from industrial reformation in San Lorenzo, Tourism industry is another major earning sector contributing noticeable amount annually in the national income of the city. There are quite a few visiting attraction including, amusement parks, light houses, shopping malls and natural beachside resorts. Overall standard of the city is pretty good and provide all the recreational facilities on affordable price. There are various job opportunities for the skilled manpower of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences in Paraguay.

Jobs in San Lorenzo

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in San Lorenzo

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in San Lorenzo

Sales & Marketing Jobs in San Lorenzo

Management & Administration Jobs in San Lorenzo


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