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Jobs in Samara | Job Opportunities in Samara

Samara is the largest city in Russia. It is located in the southeastern division of European Russia beside Samara Rivers. It is also an administrative hub of Samara Oblast. An official population census conducted during 2009 declares that there are more than 1,400,000 inhabitants. Samara is considered as an essential social, political, economic, industrial and cultural center of European Russia. Western side of the city is surrounded by Volga River dividing the Sokolyi Hills in east. Samara contains an extreme climate. During summer season very hot and in winter very cold temperature till -6 degree. The Samara River is one of the beloved leisure spot for local society and tourists. Samara is a leading industrial center in entire Russia and considered among top ten cities of high national income and industrial volume.

Industrially sector comprises upon space vehicles, satellites, engines, cables, aluminum, power stations, chemical products, gas units, drilling bits and light industrial products are mainly produced in manufacturing houses of the city. Education level of the city is very good and it is compulsion for all to attain at least higher secondary school certificate. Night life of the Samara city is very rocking and offers various attractions to the youngsters.

Tourism industry of Samara is also very rich in its culture due to several amusement parks, hill stations, fishing farms, natural resorts and luxurious hotels. Tourists love to explore the hidden beauty of the nature around Samara. Opera and Ballet Theater, a philharmonic orchestra hall and few drama theaters remain busy in producing films and stage shows for the audience. There are several job opportunities for the skilled graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with excellent pay perks.

Jobs in Samara

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Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Samara

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