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Jobs in Salfit | Job opportunities in Salfit

Salfit is a Palestinian municipality in the central West Bank with an estimated and average altitude of 571 meters high above the Samarian highlands neighboring to the Israeli conclusion of Ariel. As per national population census conducted during 2009 there are less than 10,000 people recorded in the land areas of Salfit. The word of Salfit is a Canaanite pronunciation meaning as basket of grapes due to abundance of grapes and is bales ala round the region and the wine production and juice factories make it a prominent location of the region. There are many tourist attraction historic destinations making it s major tourist city of the country including but not limited to the Canaanite, Israelite, Samaritan, Roman and Islamic heritage. Economy and financial position of the city is based on several commercial activities like production units, trade centers and mercantile features of a growing society of Salfit.

There are a number of governmental workplace and institutions of Salfit making the entire life and general daily earns more productive and time accomplished for better and swift operation of the economic growth. There five male and female in schools in the Salfit region with the addition of Al-Quds Open University campus in its location making the life of distant learning students more easy and comfortable by providing a door step campus at Salfit.

The Salfit administration and the region is famous for having major olive oil production centers having an estimated 1,500 tons annual production and the Palestinian Olive Tree Association is very much active and caring for the better health of trees and annual planting of such seeds and small trees is done for future use of the same that create a high rate of foreign capital in Salfit.

Jobs in Salfit

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