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Jobs in Saint-Louis | Job Opportunities in Saint-Louis

Saint-Louis is also called as Wolof and is the capital of Saint-Louis Region in Senegal. It is situated beside the entrance of the Senegal River and just 319 km away in the north of Dakar city. An official estimated population of Saint-Louis is around 199,900 inhabitants recorded in 2007. During 16th century it was considered as a main city of French establishment and got its independence in 1960. Saint-Louis has also only two seasons including raining and dry season. Both seasons remain on extreme during their scheduled period and residents of the Senegal adopt remedial measures to face weather affects. Predominant religion of the city is Christian Catholics and Saint-Louis contains several holy places in its possession. Saint-Louis’s economy is on average scale considering not very good neither disturbing. It has central attraction for tourists due to plenty of recreational spots in the town.

Saint-Louis has a developed Tourism industry consisting upon numerous preserves of its 18th century. Plentiful visitor attraction, international music festivals and cultural exhibitions entice thousands of the visitors in Saint-Louis. Academic level of the city is reasonably good and entices several students to come and study in its latest and well equipped institutes in affordable fee structure. Continuous strive of the government is leading the city gradually upward to rank in the top cities of Senegal. Industrial reformation has taken swift steps and provide relaxed working environment and retain its talented employees for longer period.

National Park of the Langue de Barbarie, National Park of the Birds of Djoudj, Fauna Reserve of Guembeul, Museums, monuments and edifices are such places that catch crowd around to earn huge foreign capital. There are several job options for skilled graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences in Saint-Louis. Selected employees avail numerous fringe benefits and career growth as well as relaxed working policies in Senegal.

Jobs in Saint-Louis

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Saint-Louis

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Saint-Louis

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Saint-Louis

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