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Jobs in Rundu | Job opportunities in Rundu

Rundu is the official capital state of the Kavango section in Namibia beside the beautiful ad most important commercial trading border of Angola alongside the Okavango River banks. It is geographically located regarding 1000 meters high above the sea level and mostly observed in terms of its weather climate as water region with plenty of rains and rainy seasons. Rundu is a rapidly increasing nation in terms of its population size and present population size of Rundu is about 108,000 people in its administration. General and basic infrastructure of the city points Rundu Airport as a main and busiest air traveling source of the country in Namibia that is highly preferred for the tourism purposes and major cargo consignments. Healthcare facilities and medical centers of the city like Rundu State Hospital provide timely and pretty healthcare services in the wards and sections.

There are four primary establishment in Rundu including Rundu College of Education, Rundu Vocational Training Centre, Namibia College of Open Learning and Triumphant College and such major educational locations of the city provide ideal learning trends of the society and make a noticeable contributing in the gender development and societal up rise. The Polytechnic institutes of Namibia create a healthy team of professionals and vocational training experts of the city. Secondary school systems of the Rundu carry around six schools in the category and care much for the preparation of higher education.

Night places and evening spots of the Rundu provide different activities and literate section of the society gather for healthy educational discussions whereas youngsters and adults love to remain an active and longer part in the pubs and casinos. As the time in Rundu is running most of the industrial and economical changes are taking places as well as considered and ranked a preferred source of better employment and jobs categories of Rundu.

Jobs in Rundu

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