Jobs in Rufisque

Jobs in Rufisque | Job Opportunities in Rufisque

Rufisque is a city in the district of western Senegal at Cap-yougi Peninsula. It has an estimated population of 199,235 inhabitants as per census conducted during 2008. Rufisque became significant & principal port of the kingdom of Cayor. Ancient history of the city dates back to 1342 when it was found by the Dutch tourists. Dutch, French and European traders are foremost importer of mining products, cement, artificial fertilizer, chemicals and textiles. Gambia River is a main place of tourist attraction for variety of fish species and gold layers. During 1742 a main warehouse was built beside the Gambia River to store fish and shortly consuming products. Louise waterfall gathers a crowd in Rufisque. Overall economic situation of the city is reasonably stable due to plenty of manufacturing industries and Tourism.

Economy of Rufisque is mainly reliant of fish, chemicals, cotton, fabrics, groundnuts, cocoa, flat carpets, leather products, fertilizers and calcium shipped in United States, Italy, Malaysia and United Kingdom. Road transportation system of the Rufisque is well organized and connects several developed cities together. In past there were many external war threats to the city from neighboring cities that destroyed the infrastructure but government played a vital role in its development and changed the entire situation of the city.

Tourism industry of Rufisque city is on mature stage and entices thousands of travelers frequently. Night life of the city is quite attractive for youngsters and fun lovers who love to spend leisure time in fascinating adult activities. There are several job opportunities for the qualified graduates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences with reasonable salary structure. Selected candidates enjoy a lucrative service benefits while working in Rufisque.

Jobs in Rufisque

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Rufisque

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Rufisque

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Rufisque

Management & Administration Jobs in Rufisque


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