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Romania is a country situated in South-East of Central Europe, In the northern side of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, within and outer to the Carpathian arch, adjoining the Black Sea. Almost all of the Danube Delta is situated inside its region. It has a border with Hungary and Serbia to the western side, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the northeastern side, and Bulgaria to the southern side. Romania capital is Bucharest.

Romania’s climate is temperate and humid. It is subject to cold winds in the winter and moderate westerly winds from the Atlantic in the summer. Average January temperatures range from -4° C to 0° C. During the summer, the highest temperatures are recorded in the Danube Valley. Temperatures decrease toward the high elevations in the northwest and toward the southeast.

Romania has significant potential with rich agricultural lands, diverse energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas, hydro, and nuclear), an extensive industrial base, a skilled work force, and opportunities for expanded development in tourism on the Black Sea and in the Carpathian mountains.

Auto assembly, mining and metallurgy, timber, food processing, and petroleum refining are important industries; major manufactures include textiles, footwear, light machinery, construction materials, and chemicals. Main industrial centers are Arad, Bucharest, Brasov, Hunedoara, Iasi, Oradea, Resita, and Timisoara. Braila, Galati, and Giurgiu. Exports and imports partners is Italy, Germany, Turkey, France, UK, Hungary, U.S., Austria, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Poland.

Mamaia is well-known for its best beach with the best sand in Romania. It is also one of the trendiest places to visit. The season starts in mid-May and finishes in late September. Mangalia is southern most city of the Black Sea beach. It is one of the few places in Romania where the temperature stays about zero in winter. Vama Veche is a traditional destination for those enjoying quiet beaches, sea swimming and nudism.

Romanian is the language spoken in Romania. It’s the native language of 26000000 people and it’s the official language in Romania, Moldova and Vojvodina. Religions is Eastern Orthodox 87%, Protestant 6.8%, Catholic 5.6%, Muslims 0.4%, unaffiliated 0.2%.

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