Jobs in Rangoon

Jobs in Rangoon | Job Opportunities in Rangoon

Rangoon is a capital of Burma (Myanmar) and the Yangon Region. Rangoon has more than 4 million population as per population census conducted during 2009. Rangoon is the largest populated city and major commercial center of the country. There is majority of royally buildings in Southeast Asia while quite a few residential and commercial buildings are renovated throughout the Greater. Major economic share of the city is shared by its trade, industry, real estate, media, entertainment and tourism. It is a main deal center of Myanmar for different supplies including food stuffs & used cars. Bayinnaung market is the principal wholesale center specifically for rice, beans & pulses and many other agricultural crops in Rangoon city. 15 light industrial zones circle Rangoon and employing over 155,000 workers in 4,600 mills & factories. Biggest earning sector of the city is its well organized textile industry comprising upon knitted garments and woven products.

Industrial sector of Rangoon city is facing several hardships in this age mainly in electricity shortage and other energy generating issues. Construction industry of Rangoon is on peak and considered as is a major employer of the town. Education level of the city is best in its practice with plenty of high profile teachers and institutes of Myanmar. Medical science and research is the favorite subject these days in Rangoon and students prefer to study further.

There are numerous visitor attractions in Rangoon including beautiful parks, ancient buildings, amusement parks, museums and shopping malls. Night life of Rangoon is linked with all the adult facilities and requirements. Telecommunication and internet is very common in town and aware the user about job opportunities of different field including information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences in Rangoon.

Jobs in Rangoon

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Rangoon

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Rangoon

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Rangoon

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