Jobs in Qurghonteppa

Jobs in Qurghonteppa | Job Opportunities in Qurghonteppa

Qurghonteppa is the third largest city of Tajikistan, economically very stable due to abundant natural resources, metals, cols and minerals. It is the capital city of the Khatlon region situated 100 km from Dushanbe. It is figured that there are more than 98,000 inhabitants as per national census conducted in 2009. Population of the Qurghonteppa city fluctuates due to the migration of relocating people and students of chemical engineering. Mining industry of Qurghonteppa is very high paid industry therefore chemical engineers & mining specialist has very enticing job options available all the time. Due to the plentiful natural resources available in the city, numerous refineries and processing units have started their operation near the excavation spots.

Civil war during 1992-1997 had very adverse affects on the economic growth but continuous efforts of the tenants & employers have made it possible to break the cycle and race fast in the economic growth. Qurghonteppa city is famous due to the production of world finest quality of cotton and engaged many peasants to work on scientific scales. Tajikistan has good weather conditions that remain pleasant during summers whereas winter’s climate of the city become very cold.

Banking and telecommunication sectors in Qurghonteppa are considered highly paid employers, therefore, students love go in these field. Mining industry of the city has offered many job opportunities for the fresh graduates of management sciences. Marketing jobs are offered to the part time student on temporary basis. Qurghonteppa is declared as the future main industrial center of the Middle East states that will carry all the trade between Pakistan, China, India and Afghanistan.

Jobs in Qurghonteppa

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