Jobs in Qurayyat

Jobs in Qurayyat | Job opportunities in Qurayyat

Qurayyat is a minute fishing rural community near Muscat Oman that is known for its different village services, fishing features and traded of water based products and mega hydro projects making the life of the community more comfortable by providing state of the art requested essentials of a modern township in Qurayyat. There are nearly 15,000 people recorded in the community and most of the people in Qurayyat are linked with different private business, government employment in different government offices and numerous commercial services in the society. Presently the financial position and economy of Qurayyat is on good stage and it is reliant of different allied business and multination companies making the buying capacity and per capita income pretty good and high ever before. With the passage of time it is getting good progress in terms of better annual income, overall infrastructure and increased life style in the community.

Qurayyat is linked with different educational places, learning institutes, financial institutes and commercial centers of the township. There four medical centers, three dispensaries and numerous mall medical units making the life and overall society more attractive and helpful in case of emergencies and medical illness. As the time is passing Qurayyat is expanding towards all its four corners and social values and ethical standards of the community are making it more attractive for relocating personnel and individuals.

There are many shopping malls, theaters, night clubs and disco centers making the evening and night more colorful by offering different adult services and fun time features in the community. Qurayyat is graded as highly important township of the country in Oman having major depend on its water based projects and hydro thermal units that are also considered as important employment centers of the city having different advertisements and vacant job vacancies in Qurayyat for the professionals and master degree holders of multiple fields.

Jobs in Qurayyat

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Qurayyat

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Qurayyat

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Qurayyat

Management & Administration Jobs in Qurayyat

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