Jobs in Quelimane

Jobs in Quelimane | Job opportunities in Quelimane

Quelimane is a harbor and dock of the Mozambique that has high impact and importance for the annual income and related traveling and transportation modes for goods and several commodities mainly shipped and received for the industrial concerns of the community in Quelimane. Zambezia Province is graded as the main section of the city and acts as the ruling capital state of the same. Previously it was administrated and governed by the Portugal but after getting its independence from the same Quelimane started a proper comeback of success and launched various mega construction projects and introduced most latest and advanced telecommunication systems in the society to uplift the residential values and provide the community with state of the art latest inventions like computer technology and internet in the entire public places of Quelimane.

Quelimane Township of the country is regarded as a major city of hospitals, healthcare units, schools, colleges and technical training centers of the country and also has a high rate of foreigner and overseas students that love to come and avail several degree programs from the schools and colleges of Quelimane. Overall weather climate of the city is observed as hot and humid whereas in spring it becomes pleasant. Quelimane is a main community of different NGOs like World Vision International, Heifer International and Save the Children UK that focus for the kids and children upbringing issues and hurdles.

With the start of the 21st century many advancements and technical support has been observed in the city. Most of the public places and parks are designed for the recreation and general amusement of the public. Quelimane city has many night places too to accommodate wide range of adult and youngsters in different adult fun time services against nominal service charges in return.

Jobs in Quelimane

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Quelimane

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Quelimane

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Management & Administration Jobs in Quelimane

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