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Jobs in Qatana | Job Opportunities in Qatana

Qatana is a township and community in the country of Syria and is best known for its historic values, foremost cultural involvement and loads of income generating options in the society of Qatana. It is located on an average altitude of 878 meters high above the sea level. Is one of the mildest town that earns average income annually and is graded as most struggling and striving nation in the country reliant of agricultural growth and different other supportive sections and channels of life in Qatana. There are almost 38,465 people recorded in the community as per national population census conducted during 2010. Some of the major problem in the success and steady growth of Economy include large and poor performing community sector, reduced oil production in the city, non oil deficit, corruption, feeble monetary and resources markets and high unemployment ratio of the Qatana but government of Syria plans to overcome all the problems with a proper policy making in Syria.

It is very clear for the government that to get progress education sector is very important and vital for the community growth therefore most of the schools and colleges are established with advanced systems, technology and result oriented faculty in the city of Qatana. Low rate of investment in Qatana has reduced different capacities and income generation channels but new developments and growth of its industrial concerns produced new and fresh job vacancies for the job seekers of Qatana.

Tourism industry of the city also needs high investment so that new public destinations and fun time places can be provided to the history lovers and tourists. Qatana has different museums and monuments that reminded the ancient time frame and era of slavery. Qatana gets an instant rise in its poultry business during last few years.

Jobs in Qatana

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