Jobs in Qafsah

Jobs in Qafsah | Job Opportunities in Qafsah

Qafsah is an Arabic word and an official name of a city in the land areas of Gafsa Governorate in Tunisia. It is close to the Capsian culture and controls around 100,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2007 labeling as 09th biggest city of the country. Excellent transportation modes and facilities are used in the city and government provided traveling features like commercial bus services and railway network are major and safest traveling services in Tunisia and with the passage of time numerous developments and advancements in its transportation culture a better and increased tourism industry of Qafsah has been established. The major income generating channels and industries producing attractive foreign capital figure include FMCG goods, mining firms and construction industry and forestry services in the settlement of Qafsah.

Government of Tunisia is trying to increase its present literacy ratio that is around 72% and with the continuous efforts of school management and foreign currency donors many NGO’s and private parties are more interested to uplift its educational infrastructure with better and modern equipment that is more important for the research and studies of the students. Medical sciences is highly preferred by the girl and female students whereas boys of Qafsah love to study about engineering subjects as a major line of professional studies in Qafsah.

Better transportation services of Qafsah assist the first time visitors of Tunisia to explore the hill stations and distant beautiful landscapes of Qafsah. Natural places, public parks and manmade places like hotels, shopping malls and art theaters are secondary supporting channels to collect foreign capital. Textile and service industries of Qafsah are bigger employment providing source of the country against highly paying options and fringe benefits to the selected job seekers of Tunisia.

Jobs in Qafsah

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