Jobs in Qabis

Jobs in Qabis | Job Opportunities in Qabis

Qabis is a medium sized conurbation and growing society in Tunisia on the shoreline of the Gulf of Gabes. There are around 216,323 people recorded in the land areas as per national population census conducted during 2010. Economy and financial position of the settlement is mainly reliant and based on industrial channels in the country and chemical oriented concerns and manufacturing units of textile, food stuff and FMCG goods are major employers offering excellent and frequent job opportunities in Qabis for the professional and master degree holders of variable fields. Qabis has multiple industries that generate handsome and noticeably high revenue in the country from Cement industry, chemical processing and products, Brick Factories and Oil refinery. Many firms of Qabis are pretty rich and wealthiest industries of the country having many projects in process and at the same time provide loads of new job opportunities and potential employment to the population.

With the passage of time many new investors and different industries are establishing and proving the nation as a major industrial town of the country dealing in multiple products and services deemed appropriate for a hefty town like Qabis. Transportation modes and channels widely used in Qabis include Matmata International Airport, railway network and commercial bus service that cover almost all the small and major stop over points of the community and ensure safe and smooth traveling across the borders of Qabis.

There are different tourist attractions and recreational places in Qabis including the traditional souks, The Kornich, Sidi Boulbaba, The Mouradi School and Zaouia Sidi Ahmed Toujani. During evenings and on weekends such places of the city presents huge crowd of visitors and in night time night clubs and pubs provide a full time of fun and recreation therefore adults and young community love to be an active participants of its tourism industry in Qabis.

Jobs in Qabis

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