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Jobs in Puerto Rico | Job Opportunities in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated region of the United States situated in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, in east of the Dominican Republic and in west of the Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico is made of an archipelago having numerous small, medium sized and large islands of Puerto Rico including Vieques, Culebra, and Mona. Swamplands of the Puerto Rico city are very popular among the foreigner tourists and provide a real scenic Ariel view. The beauty and scenery of the city name it in English as “The Enchant City”. Predominate religion of the city is Roman Catholic in Puerto Rico. The very first dioceses in the Americas were made during the ruling period of Pope Julius II in 1512. Huge influx of the European migrated increased the population rapidly as it is estimated that there are more than a million inhabitants as per national census conducted during 2007.

Education level in Puerto Rico is reasonably good as majority of the population is matriculate where as 20 % of the total population is graduate/post graduate. Government of Puerto Rico has immense investments for the railway carriage system and its connective routs. Towns of the city are interconnected by a well established system of roads, freeways, expressways and highways to facilitate thousands of the travelers on daily basis. The main municipal area is served by public bus transit and a metro system called Tren Urbano.

Puerto Rico is economically rich country and got support from common wealth and World Bank. There are several companies and manufacturing concerns that are running by the direct funding of the World Bank. Quite a few amusement parks and river side hill resorts are second contributor in the national income. Small scaled industry and processing factories in the city engage several graduates of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and management sciences in career oriented employment.

Jobs in Puerto Rico

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