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Porto is the second largest city of Portugal bearing around 2,20,000 population of inhabitants and spanned over the area of nearly 42 square kilometers. Porto is located in northern Portugal along with the banks of Douro River Estuary. Because of its rich history and culture, In 1996 UNESCO named it as the world heritage site. Port has been the part of Roman Empire and was named as “Protus Cale”. Porto is basically an industrial city but gained its recognition because of famous but unique “Port Wine” which is produced in this city and is largely exported. Porto’s weather is almost similar to other European cities and remains sunny during summers and winters are always cold. Sometimes temperature rises up to 37 degree Celsius in summers but normally summers are just less than 25 degrees Celsius.

Porto’s economy is diversified and really doesn’t rely on a single source. However, the high quality Vinho do Port (Porto Wine) is largely produced in Porto and is exported all over the world. Besides the beverages and food stuff, Porto’s industrial exports also include textile products, mechanical and electrical machinery and ceramics. Portugal is still struggling as far economic stability and financial growth, and in recent years has not been able to meet the European Union maximum deficit standards.

Services sector leads the revenue generation activities of Porto and according to the stats, almost 50% jobs are either produced by services industry or is related to it. However, the economic downfall has directly and strongly affected services sector too just as other business in Porto and the whole Portugal. Second to the services industry in economic growth for Porto is finance and banking sector.

Jobs in Porto

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