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Ponce is a large city and a big metropolitan area in the southern part of Puerto Rico. The city is the administrative center of the government. The city of Ponce is the second biggest in Puerto Rico outside of the San Juan metropolitan area. The city is often called La Perla del Sur (The Pearl of the South), La Ciudad Senorial (The Noble, or Lordly, City), and La Ciudad de las Quenepas (Genip City). The economy of the city is depended on the sugar cane industry since 1950s, but now days the economy of the city has diversified and now it revolves around a mixed-industry manufacturing sector, retail, and tourism.

The new port for the city will be ready in 2012 and it is expected to add significantly to the area’s economy. Agriculture, retail, and services are also vital in the local economy. The city is an agricultural, trade, and distribution center. Industries include tourism, the processing of agricultural products, rum distilling, canning, and diamond cutting. The products of the city include textiles, shoes, cement, paper, electrical devices, and metal products. The city, though, suffers from an unemployment rate that hovers around the 15 percent mark.

The metropolitan area is considered one of the most developed municipalities in Puerto Rico. Its manufacturing sectors include food processing, pharmaceutical drugs, electronic and electrical equipment, communications equipment, concrete plants, and scientific instruments. The city also producing leather products, needlework, and fish flour to a lesser extend. Ponce is considered as the center for Serralles rum distillery, which manufactures Don Q, Captain Morgan, and Parrot Bay rums. It is also contains Industrias Vassallo, a leader in PVC manufacturing. Another important local manufacturer is Ponce Cement.

Jobs in Ponce

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