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Jobs in Pecs | Job Opportunities in Pecs

Pecs is the fifth major city of Hungary situated on the inclines of Mecsek Mountains. It is bordered by Croatia districts of Hungary and main administrative & economical center of Pecs. It is major hub of Roman Catholic Christians living in the city for many years ago. Due to its cultural history and tremendous sculptures, UNESCO World Heritage Site has declared the city of Pecs in its category list. Government of Hungary is in the process of establishing new setup of industry and reformation of its old departments to streamline the deficiencies. There are more than 512,985 inhabitants residing in the Pecs city. Population growth rate is very high and is an alarming situation for the government to adopt remedial measures for upcoming challenges.

It is a chief agricultural land of Hungary with the addition of major industrial plants and mines of Uranium. Many factories of Iron processing and high-tech industry are functioning in the area since so long and providing excellent job opportunities to the local residents of Pecs. Per capita income of the citizens indicates a general people favorable city. The University of Pecs was established in 1367 for quality of education in different fields of daily life from science and technology to space management.

Excellent network of road and transportation system contribute a lot in attracting thousands of foreign visitors annually in Pecs. Many visiting spots including shopping malls, parks, springs discounted markets gather a huge crowd of tourists and earn foreign capital. There are various job opportunities for the degree holders of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences in Pecs with good paying options.

Jobs in Pecs

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