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Paraguay is one of the two landlocked countries which lie completely within the Western Hemisphere, the other being Bolivia. It lies on both banks of the Paraguay River and is surrounded by Argentina to the southern and southwestern side, Brazil to the eastern and northeastern sides, and Bolivia to the northwestern side. Because of its vital position in South America, the country is sometimes referred to as Heart of America.

Paraguay is separated by the Río Paraguay into the eastern area, formally called Eastern Paraguay and known as the Paraná area; and the western area, formally called Western Paraguay and also known as the Chaco. The southeastern boundary is formed by the Paraná River, containing the Itaipú dam joint with Brazil. It is currently the biggest hydroelectric power plant in the world, generating approximately all the electricity consumed by Paraguay. Another big hydroelectric power plant on the Paraná River is Yacyretá, a joint project by Paraguay and Argentina.

The terrain consists of green plains and wooded hills to the east. To the western side, there are mostly low, marshy plains. The local weather ranges from subtropical to moderate, with considerable precipitation in the eastern portions, though becoming semi-arid in the far west.

Paraguay’s populace is spread randomly throughout the country. About 56% of Paraguayans live in metropolitan areas. The vast mass of the people live in the eastern area close to the capital and biggest city, Asunción, accounting for 10% of the country’s populace. The Gran Chaco region, which includes the Alto Paraguay, Boquerón and President Hayes Department, and accounts for about 60% of the territory, is home to less than 2% of the inhabitants.

Paraguay’s economic prospective has been historically constrained by its non-coastal geography, but it does enjoy access to the Atlantic Ocean via the Paraná River. Because it is surrounded by land, Paraguay’s economy is very reliant on Brazil and Argentina, its main trade partners. Roughly 38% of the GDP derives from trade and exports to Brazil and Argentina.

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