Jobs in Panjakent

Jobs in Panjakent | Job Opportunities in Panjakent

Panjakent is a municipality in the Sughd region of Tajikistan beside the beautiful flowing river of Zeravshan and has around 80,000 people under its administration as per national population census conducted during 2009. Historic background of the city in Sogdiana is very old and is linked with the Iron Age times. There are many cultural signs and old memoires in the social life style and general culture of the community in Panjakent. Previously it was a small village town that was mainly dealing in agricultural products, crops and labor force but with the passage of time much latest advancement came in life and provided comfort and swiftness in daily errands in Panjakent. Zarafshan valley has played an important role in its tourism industry as most of the people love to come and explore the natural springs, fountains and related beautiful landscape in Panjakent.

During 722 CE many Arabian forces invaded in the city and captured it by administrating and governing for a long time. Present infrastructure of the city is on growth stage and many developments are in process. At the moment mining and construction industry are on real peak and enjoying ideal life style in Panjakent. People of the township are employed mostly in government offered or multinational organizations and NGO’s mainly working for humanity and society awareness program by offering attractive salary packages to the field staff in Panjakent.

There are many jobs and vacancies available in the city of Panjakent for the professionals and experts of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with good pay scales and career growth in Panjakent but all the game of hiring in Panjakent depends on the skills and candidacy level.

Jobs in Panjakent

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Panjakent

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Panjakent

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Panjakent

Management & Administration Jobs in Panjakent

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