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Jobs in Panama | Job Opportunities in Panama

Panama is the southernmost country of Central America sited on the isthmus between North and South America. It is surrounded by Costa Rica to the northwest, Colombia in the southeast, the Caribbean Sea in the north and the Pacific Ocean in its south. Spanish rulers took over the charge in 16th century of Panama and ruled for several years. During 1820, Panama ruined the patch up contract with Spain and shacked hand with the union of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela for a healthy foreign trade policy. Official used currency in Panama is balboa but presently US Dollar is in practice. There is very low inflation ratio less than 2% in the city indicating a well stable economic structure of Panama. Panama is ranked worldwide on number 118th by its land area of 75,514 km2.

The Caribbean coastline of Panama is noticeable by several first-class natural harbors equipped with numerous facilities of cold storage area, huge land marks for parking and certain workshop for the ships. Due to oceanic location, Panama contains bit hot and humid climate ranging an average temperature between 17~29 °C. Low unemployment ratio of the town has boost up the living standards of Panama inhabitants and declares them as rich & wealthiest people of its neighboring states. Major economy supporting businesses of the town are shipbuilding, fishing, tourism and small scaled industry.

Education level in Panama is also well maintained and supported with all the required facilities. Government of Panama invests huge budget annually on the reformation of academic institutes, research centers and libraries to produce educated generation. There are frequent job opportunities in manufacturing concerns for the degree holders of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with excellent salary structure and career growth.

Jobs in Panama

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