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Jobs in Palestine | Job Opportunities in Palestine

Palestine is a conventional name used for this territory between Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River with many adjoining mansions. There are loads of disputed areas between Palestine and today’s Israel. It is bordered by Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. It also named by many other titles including Canaan, Zion, the Land of Israel and the Holy Land. Present growth rate of Palestine is noticeably low and almost 60 % of the total population lies below the poverty level. Major industries of Palestine comprise upon Cement, Quarrying, Textiles, Soap, Olive-Wood Carvings, Mother-of-Pearl, Souvenirs and Food Processing mainly exported in the neighboring countries. Israeli archaeologist predicted that total population of Palestine remains within the limit of almost one million persons. Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip strive for its stability by adopting new mergers and joint ventures.

Economic growth for the occupied areas increased about 4-5% by dropping the unemployment ratio about 3% as per statistical data 2008. Furthermore life expectancy in Palestine is 72 % due to continuous warship with the neighboring Israel. Warship affects are very severe causing the major slump in its national income. Military training is mandatory for all the inhabitants to arrange a huge backup for major battles. Foreign aid from the World Bank and internal NGO’s are funding huge amount for its industrial reformation. Almost 140,000 employees are working in several national and international NGO’s in Palestine.

Tourism industry of Palestine city is a good earning sector because of several holy places that are main attraction for the foreigner tourists. Notable shrines and monuments are centrally attracted by visitors. There are quite a few job opportunities for the skilled personnel of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with excellent pay perks in Palestine.

Jobs in Palestine

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Palestine

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Palestine

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Palestine

Management & Administration Jobs in Palestine


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