Jobs in Oshakati

Jobs in Oshakati | Job opportunities in Oshakati

Oshakati is a growing community and increasing society of Namibia controlling almost 50,000 citizens in its administration and land areas in the country. It is practicing a proper form of elections for the success and growth of democracy and elections and political campaigns prove to be an enhancing societal up rise. Government of the country is trying to provide the entire basic and essential Development and infrastructure in Oshakati to provide an ease and comfort in the overall life and residential form. During 1990 Namibia got independence and started the way of success and within a short sovereign period many developments and modifications are observed and some are still in process that will uplift the social values in Oshakati and eventually increase the buying capacity and employment rate by means of new jobs and vacancies of the job seekers.

Educational system and learning trends of the Oshakati Township are reliant of major secondary schools similar to Iipumbu, Oshakati, Ngolo, Erundu Secondary School, Kabatana and few others with the addition of Afoti Combined School of Oshakati. Social life is linked with the government involvement and multimedia presentations on the cinema screens and theaters. In evenings and in holiday people love to spend their quality time in self enjoinments and recreation at Oshakati. Shopping malls and places like Jet, Mr Price etc providing a large assortment of displayed items.

While discussing about the major educational places and employment providers of the city of Oshakati it is easy to understand and determine that construction industry, mining firms, export channels and multimedia presentations points are best employment providers of Oshakati for the professionals an talented personnel of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with high pay perks and career growth in the country.

Jobs in Oshakati

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Oshakati

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Oshakati

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Oshakati

Management & Administration Jobs in Oshakati

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