Jobs in Odivelas

Jobs in Odivelas | Job opportunities in Odivelas

Odivelas is a historic city ad community of Portuguese administration in Lisbon municipal Area of Portugal. It has less population around 65,846 people in its administration and most of the community is linked with private jobs and employment centers of Odivelas. It is consisted upon 8 parishes and is official situated in the constituency of Lisbon occupying almost 26.3 kmĀ² land areas. Financially it is a growing community of the country and has major depend towards its textile units, mining firms, and media centers, banking chains and leasing houses. Most of the graduates of computer sciences and accounts get attractive employment options in the national and international banking chains whereas textile centers and production factories are major places to accommodate wide range of professionals in different departments in Odivelas and rewards well to the potential job seekers in Odivelas.

Present transportation modes and services widely used include public and commercial bus services, railway network and air routes whereas self driven vehicles are mainly used by the affording population of Odivelas. Taxis and auto cabs are secondary and mainly used services to cut the distance in short span of time whereas long distances of Portugal from Odivelas are made by railway or air routes of the society. Transportation departments are major employers of eh city and engage around 30% of its adult population in various jobs and employment opportunities of Odivelas against high paid remunerations.

There are many shopping malls, theaters, night clubs and disco centers creating numerous amusement and fun time services in Odivelas. Hotels, resorts and guest houses provide a full honey moon package to the newly wedding couples and provide them with utmost private services and ensure post purchases for their next planned trips to Odivelas.

Jobs in Odivelas

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Odivelas

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Odivelas

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Odivelas

Management & Administration Jobs in Odivelas

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