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Jobs in Norway | Job Opportunities in Norway

Norway is a country full of mountains located in northern Europe. Almost 33% of Norwegian land has been occupied with high mountains and cliffs. Norwegian sea bank is almost equal to the whole country’s area which is a distinguishing factor for Norway making it unique in the whole world if compared on coastland length in proportion to the whole constituency. Especially this geographical distinction has played a vital role in history for nation building. Norway has been divided into four major regions as far administration since centuries. These four regions are the East Country, West Country, Trondheim region and North region. Recent urban and infrastructural developments resulted into a fifth South Country region. However, the southern country of Norway has accommodated most of the Norwegian population.

Like other countries in European countries, Norwegians practice sturdy cultural activities and an interesting phenomenon is that although overall population of the country is not much but comparatively they have come up with a large number of cultural events and have produced huge number of artists, singers, actors, writers, directors and producers renowned internationally. On the same time, Norwegian constitution is strict on educational policies and primary school education is a compulsion for each Norwegian. Considering the value and importance of skilled and non-skilled education, Education is absolutely free throughout the country between the age group of 7 and 16 years.

Norway still depends on free enterprise based business modal and government tightly supervises and controls the base unit of economy. Most recently Norway grew rapidly as far industrialization which resulted in numerous job opportunities for not only native Norwegians, but also an attraction to find a job and work opportunities for foreigners. Norwegians practice highest living standard in the world that clearly shows that business, employment and job opportunities are easily available in Norway.

Jobs in Norway

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