Jobs in Nicaragua

Jobs in Nicaragua | Job Opportunities in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a democratic republic and the major country in Central America with an estimated land area of 130,371 km2. Nicaragua is bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica. The Pacific Ocean is situated in the west of the country and Caribbean Sea in the east. Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua and considered as the biggest city of the country. An official population census conducted during 2009 declares that there are more than 6,891,399 inhabitants in Nicaragua. National economy of the Nicaragua is pretty good and has almost $ 3000 per capita income of the residents. Previously the country was under administration of Spanish rulers who ruled the country for about 200 years. Majority of the population is indigenous tribes of the Mosquito Coast, Europeans, Africans, Asian and of Middle East.

Spanish is commonly spoken in the area. The mixture of ethnicity is affiliated with art, cuisine, literature and music. National economy of the city is mainly reliant of agricultural industry producing big share of its annual exports. Major agricultural exports of Nicaragua include bananas, coffee, sugar, beef and tobacco. Apart from agriculture crops, Light industry, tourism, banking, mining, fisheries and general commerce contribute noticeably high in its GDP. People of Nicaragua enjoy a lavish life due to high earning, low expenses and plenty of buying markets in the country.

Well organized transportation system of the Nicaragua strengthens its tourism industry to declare it on rank seven among international statistics. Majority of the tourists of U.S, Central America and Europe visits the Nicaragua and its adjoining parks & natural resorts. There are various job opportunities for the skilled personnel of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences in Nicaragua with excellent salary package.

Jobs in Nicaragua

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Nicaragua

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Nicaragua

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Nicaragua

Management & Administration Jobs in Nicaragua


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