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Jobs in Nemby | Job Opportunities in Nemby

Nemby is a small town in the Central Department of Paraguay under the administration of Gran Asuncion metropolitan area. As per official population census 2008, its estimated population is almost 232,756 inhabitants. In 1899, Nemby was found by the Spanish rulers who changed the entire structure of the city and held a meeting of economic management to strengthen its industrial sector. Service and industrial reformation has ranked the city as well stable economy with no agricultural facilities all around. Nemby is famous by the name of “bedroom community” because of working men all around. For sack of agricultural need, it has to seek from the neighboring cities and countries to import the food items. It has a broad bus network connecting neighboring cities for sack of business as well educational purposes.

Though the Nemby city has no agricultural activities, but it has strong economic infrastructure mainly reliant of its industrial growth. There are several mining, manufacturing and processing industries in the city providing excellent job opportunities to the local residents. Education level of the city is pretty good and mainly dependant of private institutes because governmental institutes has not enough facilities. Presently government is striving to launch new educational setup in Nemby to educate more and more student annually.

Nemby has several other earning sources like tourism industry. Majority of the foreigner visitors love to explore the beauty of its natural visiting spots i.e. river side resorts, beach houses and safari races. Summer season of Nemby carries various fairs and festivals catching an international attraction. There are frequent job opportunities for the degree holders of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences in Nemby with excellent pay perks.

Jobs in Nemby

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Nemby

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Nemby

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Nemby

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