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Jobs in Nawa | Job Opportunities in Nawa

Nawa is a Syrian municipality belonging to the Daraa administrate on an altitude of 569 meters with an estimated population size of about 129,170 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2010. In terms of population size, Nawa is graded as 27th biggest conurbation in Syria. Most of the population is linked with different agricultural businesses in the villages. Farmers and local peasants in Nawa produce dairy products and allied businesses in large scale as it is a bi product with the annual cultivation of other crops like wheat, vegetables or animal or cattle food stuff. Sugarcane and cotton are town major income oriented products in Nawa that provide an instant relief to the farmers after their harvesting in Nawa and provide an easy and relaxed daily doing with pretty buying capacity in the community.

History and ancient links of the city are very old and most of the buildings and general norms practiced in the society reminded the sign of ancient administration & ruling emperors. Most of the population in Nawa is Muslim whilst some other minorities like Christians, Hindu and non religion people are also residing in the city and equally getting benefits of the state authorities like safe and secure atmosphere.

It is the need of the hour to provide most of the advanced systems and technologies in Nawa that can reduce the burden of labor force and manual work in the industrial comprises of Nawa. There are different sector of energy generation and income collection from textile sector to construction industry and mining firms of international banking chains that provide instant and rapid banking services to the clients and ensure secure transaction. Overall employment position in the city of Nawa is good.

Jobs in Nawa

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