Jobs in Nampho

Jobs in Nampho | Job opportunities in Nampho

Nampho is a conurbation and harbor in South prefecture of North Korea. During 2010 it was titled with the “Special City of Korean Community” due to loads of new developments and growth opportunities available for all the occupants in Nampho. Nampho was initially a diminutive fishing village but during the 18th century it got boom in its industry and many international and trading firs entered into the marketing of same and in this way Nampho got a fully liberty and opportunity to present its products in the international markets and attractive size and quality of the Fisheries of its conurbation got full international attention that encouraged the local authorities of Nampho to concentrate more and more towards its fishing industry to earn much in upcoming times of the country. Nampho has good growth opportunities and chanced to increase the private and self employed business of the country in North Korea.

There are numerous Glass manufacturing and supplying industries of Nampho making a finest quality of its products with excellent load bearing in it’s per unit areas. Nampho Glass Corporation is graded as one of the major employment centers of the nation offering excellent and great job opportunities to the talented and professionals of Glass industry whereas computer experts are also in great demand to work in the growing markets and industries of Nampho.

Most of the developed nations and countries regularly send different offering to the North Korean community in terms of foreign food aid and foreign remittance that stabilized its growing economy of wide scales. Better traveling services promotes of tourism industry and increase the chance of income level of the society in Nampho. There are many jobs for the skilled candidates of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting& finance and management sciences.

Jobs in Nampho

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Nampho

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Nampho

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Nampho

Management & Administration Jobs in Nampho

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