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Jobs in Nablus | Job opportunities in Nablus

Nablus is a city of Palestine in the northern West Bank of the region and 62 kilometers away from the Jerusalem contain an average population size of the city around 160,132 people in its administration as per recent population census. Nablus is the official capital of the Nablus Governorate and a Palestinian commercial and cultural hub. It was found by the Roman Emperor Vespasian during 72 CE and many years he ruled over the region. During 5th century the tribal battles created the situation critical for residential purposes and many were migrated to the safest places of the region. It is an equally important and significant nation and society for Islamic believers and Christians. Financially it is a struggling and striving nation having different projects and industries as a major contributor in its annual income and GDP of Nablus.

Presently most of the Muslim population is occupying the region and has only small Christian population in the city. Palestinian National Authority is mainly administrating the city since 1995 and trying to develop its income generation source, indusial channels and commercial products to earn more and more income for the betterment and social values of the city. Construction, Soap and service industry of Nablus is a better source of employment and provision of attractive job vacancies to the job seekers of different fields in Nablus.

There are many historic places and tourist destinations in Nablus like monuments, educational places, museums, hotels and public parks providing quality of recreation and fun time to the participants in Nablus. Education level and literacy ratio in the city is pretty well and produce a team of learned personnel annually. There are almost 235 schools and 95,925 students enrolled in the Nablus administrative study centers.

Jobs in Nablus

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