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Jobs in Mwanza | Job Opportunities in Mwanza

Mwanza is a second biggest city of Tanzania with following native regions Kagera, Shinyanga and Mara. Lake Victoria is a main visiting spot for the tourists in the city and attracts majority of travelers to add up their sweet memories. Mwanza region has more than 2,942,148 inhabitants as per census 2002 and covers 19,592km2 land area of Tanzania. There are following districts of Mwanza i.e. Ukerewe, Magu, Sengrema, Misungwi and Kwimba. Ancient history of the city declares various tribal groups including the Wasukluma, Wakerewe and Wazinza ruling the area for many years and left their traditions and social culture in the city and very prominent in the life style of the tenants. Economic situation of the city is dependant of agricultural growth having main focus on the production of cotton, sugarcane and wheat.

Mwanza city of Tanzania has planted new industries of chemical processing and fertilizers manufacturing during 1982 and producing best quality of products in its competition. Tanzania has very healthy relations with the neighboring countries henceforth agricultural products are mainly exported in the native regions. Government of Mwanza is also taking remedial measure to maximize its education standards. Reformation of scientific research centers is a major strive in this regard.

Central harbor of the city is mainly visited by the foreigner and local visitors on weekends. Processing industry of rice, chemical and fertilizer is a main source of inducting new people in numerous jobs offered with lucrative pay perks. Majority of the accountants are employed by the stock exchange whereas IT students are accommodated in processing concerns. Globalization affect has taken its place to change the life style of Mwanza inhabitants; therefore it is observed that western styled casinos & pubs are in operation in this age offering several discount offers for the students.

Jobs in Mwanza

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