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Jobs in Muscat | Job Opportunities in Muscat

Muscat is the capital and biggest city of Oman. In 2008, the total population of Muscat metropolitan was recorded as 1,190,997 inhabitants. Muscat has traditional history dating back to 1st century and an important trading hub between the west and the east. Historic culture of the city shows that there were many nations ruling on the country from time to time. Persians and the Portuguese Empires are on top ranking in history that dominated the region for so long and stepped in the technological advancement. Muscat economy is reasonably good and high per capital income shows that people of the city enjoy a lavish life. Few hill stations and desert areas of the city make it prominent for the annual fairs of Arabian people. Safari races and desert hunting remain on peek in winter seasons.

Muscat city is also a main attraction for the foreigners due to easy and approachable academic institutes. Literacy rate is not so good but it is envisaged that coming few years will increase the ratio rapidly. Government of Oman is spending much in the reformation of educational institutes. Presently there are few well known research centers and degree awarding institutes in Muscat. Oman is a big Arabian country having Islam as the dominating major religion whereas there are several other minorities in the country.

Tourism industry of Muscat is on growing stage. Government announced budget plan for the industrial growth & reformation of tourist attractions in the town. There are several job opportunities for the degree holders of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and management sciences in mining industry. Reasonable and market base remuneration is offered to the right selection.

Jobs in Muscat

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Muscat

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Muscat

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Muscat

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