Jobs in Morogoro

Jobs in Morogoro | Job Opportunities in Morogoro

Morogoro is a city of Tanzania with an estimated urban population of 396,868 inhabitants as per census conducted in 2002. It is the capital of Morogoro Region and lies at the bottom of Uluguru Mountains, a very fertile land area used for agriculture. Morogoro is a city of artists and musicians who loved jazz music. Economic situation of the city is not stable but follow the parameters to grow rapidly. Few industries in the town produce coated fiber, jewelry, handicrafts, flat carpets and leather products that are mainly exported in the local markets. Education standards in the city are reasonably high and it is compulsion for every citizen to attain secondary school certificate. Tourism industry of the city is reasonably earning much due to abundant visiting spots comprising upon hill stations, parks, natural resorts and beautiful landscapes.

Morogoro film industry is in reformation of the ruined infrastructure that was mainly affected by the neighboring war attacks of Haggai. Water parks and deep lakes provide beautiful scenery therefore tourists love to arrange photo shoots in these places. Fishing and boating facilities are also available in the seaside resorts with camping tools offered in reasonable price.

Due to low economic growth in Morogoro, it has been decided by the government to refill the loose loops with advancement in the education system. Recent expansions in infrastructure and development of scientific research centers provide an easy access to the students to attain at least graduate degree. It is calculated that in coming decade Morogoro will have majority of the graduate students in several fields i.e. Information Technology, Marketing, Accounting, Management and financial managers. Banking sector of the city has offered many job opportunities for accountants whereas IT student have plenty of job opportunities in software houses.

Jobs in Morogoro

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Morogoro

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Morogoro

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Morogoro

Management & Administration Jobs in Morogoro


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