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Jobs in Midoun | Job Opportunities in Midoun

Midoun is a town and commune in the Medenine, Tunisia, situated on the north east of Djerba. As per census conducted in 2004, Midoun-Tunisia had a population of 50,549 inhabitants. The city has well organized road transportation system, railway carriage system and air routes equipped with the latest technological advancements. Government has invested huge amount of national budget in the rehabilitation of Agricultural and Fisheries department to overcome the local requirements. Economic growth of Midoun-Tunisia is relatively interdependent of the Industrial & Technological Development that excavates the natural mineral resources dumped underground in the land area. Apart from the industrial sector and agricultural crops, Tourism is another big source of revenue generation that contributes in the economic growth of the Midoun-Tunisia.

There are plentiful natural resources, ancient buildings, hill stations, restaurants and pubs that are mainly attracted by the tourists and earning huge revenue to strengthen the economic infrastructure. Numerous domestic industries of the Midoun-Tunisia are producing handicrafts, food items and plastic toys for kid’s amusement. There is no concept of slavery in the city as all the denominations of the town are equally treated and all the employment opportunities are purely biasfree with the declaration of equal opportunity employer.

Educational standards are very high in the city. Well organized academic institutes are engaged in providing quality of education on affordable free structure plans. Midoun-Tunisia strongly believes on international relations, therefore, there are strong ties among the neighboring countries that caused healthy trade, advantageous for the both parties. Economic stability of the city entices many foreigners to come in Midoun-Tunisia due to easy availability of highly paid jobs in the sectors of information technology, sales and marketing and accountants. On job training is also a big motivational tool to attract and retain the talented employees.

Jobs in Midoun

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