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Jobs in Mersin | Job Opportunities in Mersin

Mersin is a large city, a busy seaport on the Mediterranean shores of southern Turkey and the capital of Mersin Province. It is an important area of Adana-Mersin Metropolitan and situated on the western region of Cukurova. Cukurova is a main economical & cultural region in the entire Mersin. It is a myth in area that the city of Mersin is derived from the myrtle, a seed that grows abundantly in the region. Mersin has a widespread wealthy culture due to the stability of national economy and possession of Turkey’s largest seaport. This city was established in 09th century BC and has merged all the traditions and style of that age. With the passage of time Mersin remained under governance of many cultures and civilizations comprising upon Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Greek, Macedonians of Alexander the Great, Seleucids and Lagids.

Mersin is gifted with many natural resources and a busy seaport that cause huge trade with the neighboring countries. Mining industry of Turkey is getting good business and mainly relies on excavations from Mersin. Abundant underground reserves of steel, oil, petroleum and natural gas has provided many job opportunities for the skilled manpower. It is well said that Mersin will lose its economic stability if it will consume its underground reserves; therefore, government has taken great care to find out the alternatives for future survival.

Traveling industry of the city is not as much active as it should be due to lack of enough leisure spots in the town. There are only few amusement parks and picnic spots in the city whereas Mersin port is a main ideal resort to plan a tour. Industrial advancement in Mersin is offering many job opportunities in numerous fields i.e. information technology, sales and marketing, accounts & finance and administrative section with reasonable pay packages.

Jobs in Mersin

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Mersin

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Mersin

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Mersin

Management & Administration Jobs in Mersin


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