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Jobs in Mergui | Job opportunities in Mergui

Mergui is a famous metropolis and historic community of Tanintharyi County in Myanmar containing almost 290,000 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2011. The social repute of the city is not good and it is notorious due to major smuggling corridor for Thailand that is already a miserable locality having low per capita income and that stage that has pretty high rate of HIV positive community. Mergui was found and links to the history since 11th century. Economy and financial position of the city is on growth stage and it is striving a lot to increase its overall position and to provide an ideal and empowered social status to the general public in Mergui. Port of Myeik is an important and vital source of income collection from the trade and service industries. Overall service sector of the city is based on national and international banking chains of the growing society.

There are mostly Muslim communities recorded in the region but a large and attractive strength of Christian’s population is also observed tht is residing and living a free and liberal life style in the city of Mergui. Education sector of the Mergui is pretty good and providing loads of educational services, advanced subjects, digital technologies and state of art educational trends in Mergui like Myeik University, Technological University, Myeik and Computer University of Myeik that provide different short term and long terms employment options to the job seekers in Mergui.

There are numerous shopping malls, art theaters, night clubs and disco centers of Mergui offering great leisure time and amusement during the rounds of national and international destinations of the city like monuments, museums and cinema screens of the Myanmar. Graduates and master degree holders of Mergui gets a prospective and productive career rise in the major employers of the city.

Jobs in Mergui

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