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Jobs in Mbour | Job Opportunities in Mbour

Mbour is a conurbation in the Thies district of Senegal and is officially and exactly located in the downtown and footnotes of the Dakar. It is one of the medium sized cities of the country containing around 193,503 people in its administration as per national population census conducted during 2008. Financially it is a stable and strong economy of the country dealing in multiple types of businesses and activities promoting the general life style and overall residential standards of the Mbour people are pretty good. Some of the main businesses and industries providing extra ordinary business return and employment opportunities to the local and overseas job seekers in Mbour include tourism, fishing and peanut processing. Food processing, mining, cement, artificial fertilizer, chemicals, textiles, refining imported petroleum and tourism sector are major employment providers agencies of the nation against attractive pay perks of the Senegal.

It is served by a reasonable roads and highways network providing an easy and comfortable cum swift access to all the cities and communities of Senegal. Most frequent and widely used traveling modes in Mbour including commercial bus services that provide distant traveling in safe and swift manners in nominal fare charges whilst private and self driven vehicles become expensive with the tensions of manual care in Mbour so mostly people of Mbour love to travel by government provided sources.

Religion segregations in Mbour include as major population belongs to Muslim communities while other minorities are also graded. Islam is the major religion in the country 90 percent people of the Mbour are follower of Islam. The Dakar Cathedral and religious monuments and buildings carry good attraction for the history lovers, travelers, visitors and first time roaming people in the city of Mbour.

Jobs in Mbour

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