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Jobs in Mbeya | Job Opportunities in Mbeya

Mbeya city is situated in the southwest of Tanzania. During 2005 estimated population of the town was more than 280,000 inhabitants that have increased rapidly reaching the figure of 400,000 till December 2009. It is the capital of rural Mbeya region located in a thin highland valley encircled with high mountains. Swahili and English language is widely adopted in schools. Corrugated iron roofing is commonly used in domestic as well as in industrial construction to avoid heavy cemented roofs. Economic stability of Mbeya is based on agricultural development that produces bulk quantity of maize, rice, bananas and potatoes. Well organized transportation system of the town provides easy access to the neighboring markets of Tanzania. Rural areas of the city strongly believe in the developments of cattle farms to get milk and meat for commercial sale.

Mbeya have very huge exports comprising upon tobacco and Bamboo in the European markets with excellent foreign currency revenue. Mining industry of the city is extensively excavating gold and numerous precious minerals. Tourism industry of Mbeya is also on growth stage therefore government is investing huge budget in the development of new parks, forest resorts and hiking tracks to entice maximum tourists.

Rich culture and stable economic infrastructure of Mbeya is a main attraction for relocating personnel. Small scaled industry and mining sector of the city has engaged majority of the tenants in employment. There are many job opportunities for the skilled force of information technology & accountants in mining industry. Managerial positions remain open for Master degree holders with striking salary package. Main industry of mining is situated in Mbeya therefore it has strong influence in the external trades of Tanzania.

Jobs in Mbeya

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