Jobs in Mayahi

Jobs in Mayahi | Job opportunities in Mayahi

Mayahi is a tiny and historic community and site of the Maradi district in Niger and at the same time it is graded and declared as the seat of Mayahi sector. There are less than 15,000 people in the region of Mayahi and mostly ravel to other cities and towns on daily bases for different jobs and employment concerns to earn a better life style at Mayahi. Presently there are few small scaled textile firms producing yarn and making grey cloth fabric that is high in demand in the major production units of garments and woven products of Niger. Most of the raw material mainly used in the chemical processing and construction industry is preferably refined and processed in the small units of Mayahi and provide different short term and long terms jobs for the technical and skilled labor force.

There are two primary schools, three high schools and one technical training center in the vicinity of Mayahi whilst for better and higher education most of the students travel for other and distant destinations of Niger. Computer and internet are most advantageous inventions of this time ruling even in Mayahi therefore IT experts and government is trying equip the same invention on most of the public places to make such areas colorful and crowded places of the city.

There is a better civil structure and network of democratic form of government over the region therefore most elections ad selection process become clear ad biasfree whereas control over criminals and crimes is the ever first priority of the police and defense services of Niger. There are many jobs in Niger for the skilled and trained personnel of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and management sciences with high pay perks and career growth at Mayahi.

Jobs in Mayahi

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Mayahi

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Mayahi

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Mayahi

Management & Administration Jobs in Mayahi

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