Jobs in Mawlamyine

Jobs in Mawlamyine | Job Opportunities in Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine is the fourth major city of Burma sited 305 km away from Rangoon city. It is positioned at the entrance of Thanlwin River. Official population census conducted during 2008 declared that there are more than 500,000 inhabitants in Mawlamyine. Its major sea port ranks it a leading trading center of the region and is a major gateway to Myanmar. Mawlamyaing is well known for its tropical fruits and numerous cuisines. Mawlamyaing contains quite a few sawmills and rice mills mainly exported in Salween. Historically it is known by major shipbuilding town of Myanmar. Mining industry of the city is very rich and mainly excavates for Salt from the sweat waters. Own solar power plant and a diesel electric plant ensures continuous supply of electricity round the clock without any delay or fault.

Mawlamyaing is a busy seaport and transportation center providing a multicultural environment. Buddhist dominance is very old since the existence of Mawlamyine city, very prominent from the architectural and culture. Christianity started increasing during starting phase of 19th century and has reached up to reasonable strength. It has more than 14 high schools and University of Mawlamyaing offering medicine, engineering or computer science specialization. Overall living standard of the residents is very good and inspired by the native cities. People enjoy a lavish life and travel on luxurious transport.

There are several tourist visiting attractions in Mawlamyine including shopping malls, hotels, pub, casino, amusement parks and museums. Foreigners love to avail shopping discount packages from markets during their trip to Mawlamyine. Quite a few job opportunities remain unfilled due to shortage of skilled manpower of information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences. Selected candidates enjoy excellent working environment in Mawlamyine.

Jobs in Mawlamyine

IT, Computer, Programming Jobs in Mawlamyine

Accounts, Finance and Banking Jobs in Mawlamyine

Sales & Marketing Jobs in Mawlamyine

Management & Administration Jobs in Mawlamyine


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