Jobs in Masaya

Jobs in Masaya | Job Opportunities in Masaya

Masaya is the capital of the Masaya department of Nicaragua. It is shortly distant from Granada and Managua metropolitans. Masaya Volcano is in the southern region of the city. There are around 150,000 inhabitants in the Masaya city. Masaya is most vigorous volcano in the country. It has strong international relations and attractive foreign trade policy that contribute in the development of its economy. Geographical conditions of the city remain terrible for relocating individuals due to frequent eruption of volcanoes. Architectural industry faces huge challenges in making reliable structures. Agricultural crops of the Masaya include pineapple, grapes, cotton and wheat. Nicaragua government has special plans for the restructuring of Masaya city till 2015 compatible with the present requirements. Textile industry in Nicaragua is earning good amount for foreign capital due to easy access of cheap labor.

Education level of the city is reasonably good and offers numerous academic courses according to the choice of students. Distant learning module is commonly practiced by working students in Masaya. Literacy level of the Masaya city is 69 % increasing gradually. People are very conscious for better future of upcoming generation. After routine working jobs, majority of youngsters love to visit its pubs and casinos. Rock music and fast food is very favorite food in entire Masaya.

There are quite a few tourist visiting attractions in Masaya including night clubs, pubs, bars, shopping malls and beautiful parks. Previous frequent earthquakes have destroyed the infrastructure that require due attention to reconstruct and its accomplishment is expected by the end of 2016. Various job opportunities remain unfilled due to lack of skilled manpower of different fields including information technology, sales & marketing, accounting & finance and administrative sciences in Masaya.

Jobs in Masaya

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