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Jobs in Mary | Job Opportunities in Mary

Mary is a city of Turkmenistan and capital of the Mary Province. Also there are few other names very common that are Merv, Meru and Margiana. As per national census conducted in the year 1999 it was concluded that there are 123,000 inhabitants. Merv Oasis was occupied by Colonial Russia in 1884 that remain disputed between Afghanistan and Russian Army for many years and left irritating memories for the local tenants who became a victim of that war. In the period of War, Russia got resistance from the British forces that attacked on Russia with heavy weapons and 40 troops of Machine Guns to support for Mary in August 1918. Mary-Turkmenistan is gifted with many natural resources of natural Gas and Oil in abundance that generates huge revenue.

Mary is Turkmenistan’s 4th main city and a great industrial centre for the export of natural gas, cotton, cereals, hides and wool. There are fewer tourism points but even then people love to explore its mountains frequently. Mostly, tenants of the Mary town are observed by working in day and night shift to earn maximum money to have a lucrative life. Natural resources of the Mary town have supported its economic structure in befitting manners and therefore no one is living under poverty line.

After having jobs in Mary town, people love to work part time in different sectors i.e. online internet work, real estate business, sales and marketing of several products that offers attractive incentives, domestic handicrafts to export in china and teaching home tuitions because the local people are very crazy about the educational standards of their kids. There is a variety of jobs available in Mary-Turkmenistan according to the profile of the candidates and employers have strong policies to retain the talented individuals by offering several gimmicks and fringe benefits.

Jobs in Mary

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