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Jobs in Mango | Job Opportunities in Mango

Mango word creates instant mind click towards fruit name that is generally called the King of fruits but here the discussion goes towards a city of Togo. It is located in the Savanes province of the country in Togo and about 25 km away from the Ghana boundary. There are nearly 70,000 people residing in the city of Mango as per national population census conducted during 2010. Basically it is an agricultural town that produces most of the time wheat and sugarcane whilst gram, rice and vegetables with the addition of pulses are also grown in the agricultural farms of Mango. There are various small scaled industries and flat carpet making units installed in the houses and girls and those people who are unemployed mostly works in the villages an produce beautiful carpets having high demand in the world.

Education is the most important factor that changes the lives and history of nations therefore government of Togo is very much caring about the future of its cities d population therefore most f the academic places and colleges in the country are under development phase to provide an ideal educational environment to the students and to attract more and more students towards higher education in Mango. Information technology and telecommunication channels are the biggest source of instant communication facilitating the population of Mango.

With the passage of time there are many new inventions and developments making comfortable and peaceful life style to the population. Though overall potential and industrial up rise is not attained till now but it is predicted and estimated from the previous year’s statistics that Mango will be a stable nation in coming few years.

Jobs in Mango

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